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They never stopped dancing! ?

Emily Campbell & Jonathan Silva chose the incredible Ashford Estate as the setting for their celebration. And what a celebration is was!

The Ashford Estate is one of several amazing properties offered by the Weddings of Distinction group. Each is immaculate, offering a different setting that will delight the hosts and every guest. This is an incredible setting for an onsite Ceremony, fantastic Cocktail hour, and ultimately, one unstoppable celebration!

The ballroom is elegance and sophistication! But as a trusted wedding professional recommended by all their properties, I bring a touch of “let your guard down and let’s have some fun” approach coupled with top-notch professionalism.

After all, we’re there to CELEBRATE!

Emily, Jonathan, and I met well over a year before their celebration would take place. We also connected on Social Media, which I always think is fun. We get a little insight into each other’s worlds (and lives!). And as we get closer, I love seeing the anticipation building in my couples’ worlds! I feed off of it, embrace it, and eventually it all comes together on the dance floor!

I’m pretty sure they had a great time. Take a look at the amazing words they had to say in the #t2Review below!

Enhancements provided by me and SCE for their celebration included:
– Music and Production: Cocktail Hour, Reception
– Intelligent Lighting- Option 2: four professional fixtures for spotlighting and visual energy all night
– Custom Audio Production- Parent Dances voiceover dedication
– Photo Booth- Mirror Booth, open air

What a wonderful group! Thank you so much to Emily, Jonathan, and both families for allowing me to be a part of this awesome celebration!

For more of their good times, check out #silvassayido

If you think we could be right for each other, I’d love the opportunity to chat more about your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  Please reach out to the SCE Event Group Headquarters or send me an email.

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Tony Tee Neto
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