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Industry people throw awesome events … DUH!

Nicole Fleming & Brian Petrozziello celebrated their wedding at The Primavera Regency in Sterling, NJ. It was absolute fun for these two, and their entire guest list!
(Check the video blog at the bottom and you’ll understand how much fun it was!)

I’ve know Nicole & Brian for several years. They work at one of the excellent catering facilities in Northern NJ, and we crossed paths originally as I played for one of Brian’s best friends’ wedding. According to him, he knew that I was going to be “THE guy” when it came time for him!

I guess he wasn’t kidding.

This is the third wedding I’ve had the honor of playing for in this group. I grabbed a photo with my Bride & Groom, and their friends who had e Host their celebrations, too. The years range from Erica & Mike in 2011, to Kasey & Ryan in 2014, to today’s Nicole & Brian in 2016.

Is there anything better than seeing previous couples who’ve trusted me with their day in past years, celebrating again with their friends on their wedding day?

I’m pretty sure the answer’s no. ☺️

Enhancements provided by me and SCE for their celebration included:
– Music and Production: Cocktail Hour, Reception
– Intelligent Lighting- Option 1: two professional fixtures for spotlighting and visual energy all night

When industry professionals choose me to lead the entertainment for their once-in-a-lifetime celebration, it’s a huge honor since they’ve “seen it all.”Thank you so much, Nicole & Brian. I had a blast with you!

For more of their good times, check out #perfectlypetro.
And take a peek at the #t2QuickPeek video below. You’ll wish you were there, too.

If you think we could be right for each other, I’d love the opportunity to chat more about your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  Please reach out to the SCE Event Group Headquarters or send me an email.

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