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What. A. Celebration!

What a great time with these wonderful people! Dyana & Brandon brought together their favorite people on Earth to celebrate … and we DID! ?

Dyana Brown & Brandon Kent hosted their affair at the beautiful Seasons in Northern New Jersey. The upstairs Club Room was the perfect setting for their group of 130 family and friends. Once the floor was opened, they didn’t let up!

… and neither did I! ☺️

Taking a peek at these photos we snagged should convey the joy in that room. And it never gets old for me– absolutely awesome! I consider it an honor to Host these couples and share in one of the most amazing events of their lives.

Enhancements provided by me and SCE for their celebration included:
– Music and Production: Cocktail Hour, Reception
– Static Uplighting

Check some of the awesomeness by following #kentloveyoumore.
Thanks again, Dayna & Bandon, for trusting me with you once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

If you think we could be right for each other, I’d love the opportunity to chat more about your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  Please reach out to the SCE Event Group Headquarters or send me an email.

Tony Tee Neto

Tony Tee Neto
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