… and it’s pretty HOT!

I’m so proud of the work I get to do. Couples from every corner reach out to SCE Event Group looking for our signature boutique approach to wedding entertainment. When they choose me as their Event Host— the one they’ll be working with during their planning  process, the one responsible for the flow and atmosphere at the celebration, and ultimately their ambassador to their families and friends — it’s an honor. AndI never lose sight of that.

There’s so much that leads up to every event, that it’s often difficult to take it all in. So with the beginning of a new year, I took some time to go through every event from 2015 and pull some clips. It was a LOT of work, but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the result (almost) as much as I did!

Every clip in this video is from one of my personal SCE events in 2015. I also edited the video. With my background in audio production and editing at my DropHouse studio, I’ve embraced the art banditry to learn more and more.

So … click PLAY below and watch these two minutes of awesome!

If you think we could be right for each other, I’d love the opportunity to chat more about your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  Please reach out to the SCE Event Group Headquarters or send me an email.

Also, check out hundreds of real Brides’ & Grooms’ reviews at SCEbuzz.com.

Tony Tee Neto

Tony Tee Neto
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