(I always get a little introspective around this time of year, so indulge me.)

And so, we wrap 2015 … an amazing year for me on all fronts.

t2-2014_07- t2 MC at Crystal Pt

Tony Tee Neto – Master of Ceremonies

As a professional Master of Ceremonies and DJ exclusively performing for weddings with SCE Event Group, I’ve been blessed with overwhelming success. Much of that comes with the support of  my SCE Family and immediate circle, and it’s further enhanced by being surrounded by some of the best professionals in the business.

There’s so much work and effort that goes into making every single event come off without a hiccup, you wouldn’t believe me if I managed to count the hours– but it all comes back to me and to my couples!

From the initial meeting with prospective couples to follow up conversations along the way; from countless email exchanges to detailed preparations on the week of the celebration; right down to the day-of hustle to bring it all together and execute flawlessly …  it’s almost non-stop!

But ultimately, I can say, “I party for a living!”

Some highlights?

0815- Tony Tee Neto at Galloping Hill Golf Course

I had the honor of hosting dozens of celebrations for some seriously awesome people. I say it all the time, but I really do get to work with the coolest couples! (don’t tell the other SCE guys … they’ll be jealous)
This, while playing at some of the finest venues in the NJ/NY-and-beyond region, really create forward momentum for me and the rest of the team.

If you want to go directly to my Video Blogs, here’s the link to YouTube.

Updates to the DJ gear happened (because we love toys!), and the sound system revamp has begun for 2016. It was even time for a new work horse to tow the trailer in 2015. ?

I made it into the background shots of an episode of Impractical Jokers, as did one of my Rockstar Brides!

0815- Tony Tee Neto at Galloping Hill Golf Course
4 Brides and Tony Tee Neto
4 Brides and Tony Tee Neto
FIVE Brides and Tony Tee Neto


And probably the biggest compliment: having multiple brides (past, present, and even future) at one celebration! It happened several times this year (which is amazing), but having 4 brides in one room blew me away … TWICE! This was only outdone by having FIVE brides spanning some 10 years at one celebration.

Incredible. And humbling.

Drophouse.com Production & Voiceover - Tony Tee Neto

DropHouse Studio continues to provide a niche service to those who need quality audio production and voiceover. This isn’t as public as the rest of what I do, but provides me so much joy and gives me creative license to do a lot of cool work! I look forward to breaking through creative boundaries in the voiceover and production realm in the New Year.

Personally, I had another great year surrounded by loved ones, both family and friends. We got to travel a little, as has become our reward for hustling so hard year round. Cuba was pretty wild to visit, and we managed to do it before the Pizza Huts and KFCs moved in! And closer to the end of the year was our South Asia adventure!
Just breath-taking.

Tony Tee Neto Travels
Tony Tee Neto Travels

This little wrap-up is cathartic for me and I appreciate you checking it out. If you know me and read it, you’ll understand that it’s more of a taking of personal inventory and it comes from a very thankful and humble place. I get to do what I love every day and make a living at it. I realize how fortunate a place that is.

I personally Hosted and celebrated with dozens of couples over 2015, and I can’t begin to express my gratitude for your trust and confidence. Simply saying “Thank you!” doesn’t seem to cut it, but it’s what I’ve got right now.
So, “Thanks!”

Wishing you all success even beyond your dreams and resolutions as we head into 2016! For me, continuing to learn, perfect, and master what I do is at the top of my list.

Check in once in a while.
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Happy New Year!


Tony Tee Neto

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