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No holding back!


Lindsay Gallagher and Lou Trocchio asked me to provide some amazing production value to their celebration, so I had:

2015_1016- Addison Park Media Intel UplightsIntelligent Lighting- Option 2: giving us 4 fixtures at opposite end of the West Ballroom
Uplighting- Dynamic: complete control over wireless, battery-powered uplights, matching energy and pace of the event and tied into the Intelligent Lighting
Multimedia Video: two 70″ flatscreens for candid photos, the Love Story Montage, photos during Parent Dances, and even a sneak peek at our professional photographer’s shots (Gerda from Artist European)

All 230 guests helped me absolutely ROCK The Addison Park this weekend, as Lindsay and Lou said, “I do!” I even got to see one of my previous couples, Jamie & Rob, for whom I played a couple of years back! There’s nothing better than seeing couples over and over at various celebrations.

Here’s a quick Instagram edit I created after the event — that should give you a glimpse into how it all went down.

Check their hashtag: #MeetTheTrocchios

UPDATE 10/28/2015- I created a little video blog for these two! Check it out here! 

Thanks so much to Lindsay & Lou, and these two awesome families– I had such a good time!

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Thank you!

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