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Sure, it was a Sunday night.
Sure, sometimes the vibe is a little more relaxed.
Sure, it could end a little earlier than expected.



Lydiette Diaz & Mark Loyka: a super-laid back, trusting couple with a self-described “eclectic taste” in music. They liked Salsa & Merengue; Michael Buble & Frank Sinatra; 90s Hip Hop & Dance!

Lydiette, don’t you worry. I’ll get them to dance!”

And dance, they did! The energy from their 220+ guests at the one and only Westmount Country Club was electric from the start. And after our awesome introductions, it didn’t take long to start ’em up!

My approach to a wedding that’s half-Latin (or any ethnicity) is to not skew it heavily to either side, especially in the beginning. I had pretty much free reign over the programming, and they ate it up! Honestly, it’s so much fun to bring this kind of format to a wedding dance floor. Then adding Latin music, which I really enjoy, just takes on a whole different dimension!


One of the night’s highlights: a much-talked about Soul Train line that gave everyone the opportunity to really get down and show off! Absolutely awesome … and hysterical! Of course, live percussion to play alongside me, and a Photo Booth for fun, really add to the entertainment of all your guests.

Check their hashtags: #DiazLoykaWed #Loca4Loyka


THANK YOU, Lydiette & Mark! You were a blast to party with, and I truly appreciate your trust and confidence!




UPDATE 03/2016- we created a quick & fun vlog recap for Lydiette & Mark at Westmount Country Club. Take a peek HERE!


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Thank you!

Tony Tee Neto




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