Second amazing 2015 event at The Grove. Fourth for this circle!

The Grove in Cedar Grove, NJ is already an amazing, uber-contemporary space in North Jersey that aligns perfectly with modern brides and grooms.  Add Lindsay & Frank, their energy, and their incredible group of family and friends, and you get THIS EPIC celebration!


I met them about 3 years ago at another event at the Jersey Shore, where we played until the wee hours for their friends Michelle and Chris. It wasn’t long before we were sitting in my  SCE Event Group office talking about their wedding! When it all comes together, it’s just natural and it all happens pretty quickly. It gets back to what I always say about choosing your DJ (and my couples): it’s not just about hiring someone to play music for a few hours … it’s about connecting– talking, laughing, seeing the same vision, and just being comfortable together.

And for Frank & Lindsay, it was about taking it to the next level, #t2SCE style!

You’ll see a lot of the awesome enhancement they included for their celebration, much of it was  visually stunning, but the real magic happens when you combine all of the “WOW” with the energy of your guests.  THAT’s what turns an awesome celebration into a truly epic event!


Here are some of the highlights included:IMG_7696

-Intelligent Lighting- Option 2
-Uplighting- color controlled
-Live Musicians & Live Percussion
-Dancing on the Clouds
-Monogram Projection
-CO2 blasts
-Snow Effect
-Stars Projections
-Blacklight Show

You can catch a lot of the play-by-play by searching their hashtag: #DiBettaTogether. Watch the recap below to get a feel for all the awesome! Even if all of it isn’t right for you, perhaps you’ll see a few  enhancements that really spark your imagination.

2015_0327- Lindsay Levin & Frank DiBetta at The Grove

Lindsay & Frank’s Wedding Wire Review

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