Nine years in the making, and FIVE Brides in one room!
#t2sce Event Recap 4/24/2015

I’ve been looking forward to this event for a long time.

I first met Lauren Capuano when I played for her sister, Jill’s, wedding in 2006.  We never lost touch, and over the years,  she’s referred more friends and acquaintances singlehandedly than anyone I’ve known. So, when the time came, you can only imagine how excited I was to bring this all together for her!

Lauren Capuano & Bill Kirms’ celebration happened at The Addison Park, the super gorgeous, contemporary venue in Aberdeen, NJ. I played live for their Ceremony including lending microphone support for the officiant, produced a perfect Cocktail Hour, and of course, blew the doors of their Reception.



SCE Event Group enhancements included Multimedia Displays including a Love Story Montage, Stars Projection, Custom Audio Voiceovers, and a Snapshot Photo Booth. Lightscaping options included Intelligent Lighting- Option 2, Monogram Projection, and wireless color-controlled Uplighting. The room was stunning!

Custom Audio is one of my favorite, and one of the most unique, enhancements we offer at SCE. Bill showed his personality with his voiceover, and dedicated “I Turn to You” by Christina Aguilera to his Mom.  Lauren was in the unique position of sadly having lost her dad last year, so instead of foregoing her dance, she turned it into a celebration by surprising Mom with Dean Martin’s “You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You.” Her voice-over dedication thanked Mom for her strength and guidance, and celebrated her Dad posthumously. It was an absolutely amazing moment … and so was the rest of the evening.

The music program spanned the decades with a variety of age ranges on the guest list. I love being able to go from something old and fun to something fresh and new in a matter of minutes! Making sure everyone dances at least “a little bit” Is a huge priority when I play for a diverse group … ANY group, really! They certainly did dance more than just a little.

042415-IG_FiveCouplesTeeGiven the history, I was lucky enough to have 5 of the awesomest couples for whom I played previously in the room all at once! I’m pretty sure this is a record for me. I can’t describe the feeling of having played for all of those friends in previous years, and then having them all reunited at one celebration. “Amazing” doesn’t come close.

The Addison Park always does a fantastic job with every event. I was fortunate enough to have friend and amazing photographer John Arcara of John Arcara Photography capturing the day with photo and video. I personally can’t wait to see the finished work!




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