The connectivity provided by our technological gadgets these days will either make you super-efficient and “awesome,” or drown you in information overload!  Hopefully you fall into the former category, making you well-informed and hyper-connected.  And anyone planning a wedding in today’s modern era has a wealth of tools that can make the whole process much easier to manage … right down to your RSVPs!

Thanks to the Internet and Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, the 21st Century Bride (and Groom!) can do everything with the help of tech.  From finding recommendations for wedding professionals, to following up on invitations and guest list, the trend in planning is to search, download, install, update, and track.  All of this is easy, thanks to that computer in your pocket we still affectionally call a “phone.”

SCE Event Group gets it.  We embrace tech and trend, and love seeing all the creative ways you’re making technology work for you!

So what’s the Modern Bride doing these days?

mobile-techWell, “there’s an app for that.”  Actually, there are plenty!  These apps for your smartphone will help you do everything you need to plan the big day.  They can assist with finding and researching your wedding professionals, including real word-of-mouth reviews; keep track of how many friends and family you’ve invited, including their RSVP; forums that keep you connected to other couples also planning their weddings; even designer wedding dress galleries to help you find that perfect dress!

Creating a hashtag is a lot of fun for sharing your wedding posts and smartphone pictures among your guests.  It’s essentially a searchable keyword preceded by “#” that everyone can use to bring all those moments together.  For example, a quick search on Instagram for #scePal shows so many awesome moments from Lauren & Jonathan’s big day!  If you’ve got SCE’s Multimedia Package like they did at your celebration, you might even get to see some of these fun photos on screen!

imagesIt’s 2014.  How about your own wedding website?  With the help of sites like Wedding Wire, it’s free and pretty easy to create your celebration’s home on the web.  You can include your website’s address right on your invitations, and use it to easily update travel arrangements, accommodations, share the story to your fiancé’s side of the family … pretty much anything you can think of!

If you really want to hit it out of the park, you can have a custom website designed around your custom invitations and logo, that’ll completely reflect your personalities!  Services like Screaming Lunatic Design Agency’s are extremely personalized and can really tailor a look that reflects you, bringing everything together!

From smartphones and apps to logo and web design, today’s Modern Bride can create the day she’s envisioned from every angle, with ease.  SCE Event Group is all about personalized, boutique-style entertainment and event production.  We’re here to help and welcome your comments and questions.  Give us a call at 888-278-0900.

We <3 weddings.  ;o)

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