This is probably the most unusual thing residents of Red Bank have ever seen.  Let me paint the picture.

It’s 38 degrees and traffic comes to a halt!  People stop,  get out of their cars to capture the moment on their cell phones, crowds gather, and then it begins– a team photo shoot that creates buzz, stirs the pot, and of course, is a ton of fun!  Yes, this really happened when our crew of 7 incredibly dynamic, full-time (and quite handsome) professional DJs, in 7 couture wedding gowns, walked around downtown Red Bank at 12:30 in the afternoon.

It’s hard to believe the concept came together while good friends John Arcara and his family were having dinner with Jason Jani and his family.  John and his wife, Lovina, had taken a similar photo a few years back for a Punk Rock band groom-to-be, who wanted his wedding photos to be a little different. The “Guys in wedding dresses” photo has become the signature image used by the John Arcara Photography team for years, and it was Lovina who said that if SCE wanted to try something different, “why don’t you all get into dresses and just see what happens?!”  

And the idea was born!


The gents at SCE Event Group and I pride ourselves on being different than any other DJ company anywhere in the world.  We are passionate, insanely creative– and “average” just isn’t what we’re about.  We’re always looking to do more– create, innovate, and show how technology, when used with talent, allows us to change the rules.  We push the bar higher and in different directions, so that our Rockstar Couples receive the type of wedding they deserve: one that will be remembered long after the last song at the reception ends.  Packed dance floors loaded with guests of all ages, and smiles from wall to wall, is what it’s about for us.  It’s all about making our events as unique as the couples that we’re honored to celebrate with.  It’s about making magic happen.  And it’s about personalization of every detail possible to ensure that wedding visions are brought to life, and memories are made for all to enjoy.

Planning your perfect wedding can be incredibly stressful– we know this!  There are so many things to consider, and the things you never thought would matter, actually really matter!  The wedding planning process doesn’t have to be a burden, though.  HAVE FUN with it!  That’s the inspiration behind our crazy Red Bank photo session with our friends from John Arcara Photography.  We truly love what we do, and work extremely hard to make it all come together.  So, we needed a little fun once in a while.
And now we can say that “we’ve been in your shoes too … literally.”  (Ok, maybe not shoes, but dresses, for sure!)

So that’s the backstory on the “SCE Guys in Wedding Dresses” photo, and “SCE Wake me up: Video spoof”.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Here’s the video to go along with it.  It’s meant to make you smile.  It’s not every day you catch a bunch of guys walking around in wedding dresses.

SCE Event Group and I want you to have the best wedding you can imagine.  You deserve it!  Think bigger.  Expect more.  Be different.  You’re gonna do this once, so make sure you do it right … and with the right professionals to make it happen.

Special thanks to John, Lovina, Matt from John Arcara Photography, Nicole Mustillo from Mustillo’s Town and Country in Red Bank NJ, and to the 3 police officers who didn’t arrest us when we had our shoot.

Tony Tee Neto

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