Imagine planning a wedding while shopping for a house, planning a big mov, and coordinating virtually a thousand details to make everything come together!  Yes, I’ve heard this story before.  How about you add “graduating Medical School” to that list.

Yes, this happened!

Anna and Michael were very laid back throughout the planning process, even though behind the scenes, they had a lot going on.  One common thread underlined their demeanor: hire wedding professionals you can trust, and eventually you can just say, “They’re on it.”  That’s one of the most important points I emphasize to any Bride and Groom I sit with.  And it’s probably one of the most important factors in having a stress-free wedding planning experience.

In the end,  Anna, Michael, their families and their friends all certainly seemed to have an amazing time, as you can probably tell from the short Video Log.  From Intelligent Lighting, to choreographed introductions by the Bridal Party, to their unusually choreographed First Dance (they entered the room from opposite sides and met on the dance floor, as if “by chance”), all the planning came together!  My favorite moment of the night might’ve been when the Groom gave me a fist bump over the booth and said, “You’re killing this right now!”

Awesome.  Seriously.

I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to watch the vLog and smile– you can’t help it when you watch people have this much fun!  My thanks to Alicia, the Catering Sales Manager at the beautiful Omni Hotel in Philadelphia, for helping the me and the SCE Event Group team coordinate every detail.

And of course, my sincere thanks to Michael and DOCTOR Anna Weingarten for your confidence and awesome attitude.

Tony Tee Neto

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