Cristina Fernandez and David Seltzer were an absolute blast to sit with from Day 1.  Cristina has this infectious laugh that makes you want to keep being funny or laugh along with her.  I think we did a lot of both in our “getting to know each other” meeting.

Seasons is a gorgeous venue in North Jersey that I only see a couple of times a year.  Every time, it’s an excellent experience.  Their staff is knowledgeable, punctual, and extremely attentive.  When they know they’re working with an entertainment professional, they also give you the courtesy of “breathing room.”  That’s a welcome touch (and a compliment).

Cristina and Dave chose to have have an afternoon celebration.  If you’re wondering … yes, it could affect the guests’ mindset.  It might be the time of day, or the fact that it’s light out, or maybe they’re a little tired from partying the night before.  In any case, things tend to start just a little more slowly.  As an entertainer, I have to be aware of that so as not to come off too strong right from the top.  Also as an entertainer, I have to keep my eye on the goal: a good time for all who attend!



Cristina was referred directly to me and SCE by Nick and Alex, two awesome people who had me play for their Civil Union celebration more than three years ago!  Not only was it great to have them party with us, but it was awesome not to disappoint!



Midday.  Smiling faces.  Dancing Bride (even the Groom!).  Packed dance floor.  What more can could we ask for?  So if you are considering an afternoon celebration, don’t be discouraged by any means.  The bottom line is that your guests are there to share a great time with you, and take part in one of the biggest celebrations of your life!

Cristina was nice enough (and EXCITED enough) the day after her event to post this awesome review on Wedding Wire.  This is an excellent online resource for Brides and Grooms planning their day, often with little or no direction.  You’ll find reviews on all types of vendors, and you’ll get real talk from past clients who’ve used each of the services.  Wedding Wire gives you access to real-deal word-of-mouth you can’t get from the vendors directly.

I hope you’ll read this and other reviews from many of our past clients we’ve had the honor of celebrating with at SCE Event Group.

Thanks, Cristina & Dave!  I had a blast bringing it to you!
Thanks to all for following my posts.

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