Lindsay and Ryan gave me another awesome opportunity to marry the 2 things I love doing: recording and editing audio, and rocking a dance floor!

Lindsay Blaess and Ryan Antoniuc are such wonderful, laid back people, that we instantly got along from our first meeting.  From dialing into their vision for the day, to offering up tweaks and suggestions that I thought would really work, we planned what ultimately evolved into their perfect wedding celebration!

As many of you know, I not only rock awesome events for SCE Event Group, but I’m also the proud owner of DropHouse Studio.  I love recording and editing audio, making tracks for our demo videos, mastering our Promo CDs, and coming up with cool audio promos for our Private Bridal Affairs.  So, it’s no wonder we offer this unique service called Custom Audio, where the Bride and Groom can record a custom voice-over dedication to be produced into their song.  It’s an incredibly emotional moment, not just for Bride & Dad or Groom & Mom, but for every single guest!

Lindsay and Ryan tuned into this, and we nailed it!  What a wonderful surprise for everyone.

Enter the Blessing– two weeks before their wedding day, Lindsay asked about something pretty unusual.  Her Grandfather had given such a beautiful blessing some 20 years ago for her Aunt & Uncle, that she would love having a similar moment on her day.  Her Grandfather has since passed, but video from the moment was available.

You guessed it– I got a hold of the video, brought it into the digital world, edited out her Aunt & Uncle’s names, and processed it for sound quality.  The result was the moment you can see in the vLog below.  Not a dry eye in the room.  And this is what I mean when I say to clients, “It’s not just about playing the perfect music or saying the right words as an MC … it’s about creating moments.”

Another “moment” was when Ryan picked up his guitar and played while his sister sang “Jersey Girl” to his wife.  Moments!

The night ended with a 2-hour after-party when about 75 of the guests made their way into the lounge and I got to play completely differently for them.  WHAT A NIGHT!

The enhancements we provided for reception:
-Full sound system
-Custom Audio for both parent dances, plus Grandpa’s posthumous blessing
-Live setup for Groom’s guitar, plus stage mic
-Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting Design
-Cocktail Hour Music Production
-After-Hours Party Music Production following the reception

Thanks so much to these two beautiful people for allowing me and SCE Event Group to take part in this day.

Tony Tee Neto

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