Chemistry |ˈkeməstrē | noun:   I’m not talking about that class in High School that forced you to learn the Periodic Table.  I’m talking about that moment when personalities click and everything comes together.  Lindsay & Jim definitely have it— obviously.  They’re married now!  But I shared it with them, and I knew this one was going to be off the charts!

Lindsay Pedersen and Jim Comprelli exchanged vows and celebrated their reception at the gorgeous Dolce Hotel in Basking Ridge, NJ.  They shared this day with a “mere” 250 of their closest friends and family, which created an unbelievable amount of energy for this event.  They’re laid-back, fun-loving attitude and complete attention to detail created a wonderful experience their guests won’t soon forget.

This Bride and Groom pulled out the creative stops.  SCE Event Group provided Music Production for their beautiful garden ceremony, followed immediately by a custom-tailored music program for their Cocktail Hour.  When their guests were welcomed into the reception ballroom, they were greeted by warm colors washing the ceiling with my Intelligent Lighting, and a Multimedia Plasma setup with their hosts’ names on the screen.  They knew right away that this would be an incredible night.

Lindsay’s special dance with her father came with the added bonus of a Custom Audio dedication to Dad.  What an emotional moment to share with her guests!  Produced into the song she chose as a surprise dedication, our bride pre-recorded a few words that told her Dad what she was thinking and how she felt.  Priceless.

All this time, unbeknownst to Lindsay & Jim’s guests, our friend Greg Lassik and his team with Endless Wave Studios were busy capturing and editing incredible real-time footage on-the-fly.  This is the concept behind the Same Day Edit (SDE), where guests don’t just get a “look back” at what got everyone to this day, but get to see actual clips OF this day incorporated into a retrospect of our couple.  As an Event Host with SCE, it’s absolutely awesome to watch people’s reactions to this “real time experience” as they share the moment with the Bride and Groom.  (A couple of examples of what SCE’s Custom Audio is about: ||

Here’s the link to Lindsay and Jim’s Same Day Edit , Courtesy of Endless Wave Studios –

And, YES … they came into the room on a motorized cooler!  Look carefully for that clip.  It was an insane surprise!

Thanks to Lindsay Pedersen and Jim Comprelli for allowing me and SCE Event Group to host and be part of this incredible day, and to their families and friends for being such a great crowd!

Tony Tee Neto





Tony Tee Neto
Event Host, DJ