There are a few expectations when guests walk into a wedding reception.  They usually assume they’ll have some great food, a few drinks, and hopefully dance to a few tunes.

I like to blow away their expectations.

For the second time in July, I joined my Bride, Groom, and all their guests at  the Grand Colonial in Perryville, NJ.  I met Michelle Wolak and Carl Oliveira at the end of 2010, nearly 9 months before their wedding.  We talked about their day, how they envisioned their reception, and what they expected from me.

I think I blew them away, too! ;o)

The trick to playing for a multi-ethnic group is to not make it obvious right away, so I opened the dance floor as usual: some fun party classics that span generations and genres.  THEN, I got to have a little fun swaying from the Portuguese side to the Polish side.  Michelle and Carl didn’t want the program to be “too ethnic” … just enough to have a little fun and acknowledge their backgrounds.  So, most of the night really was all about packing the dance floor with fun Top 40 and some good-time classics.

The setup included full sound,  Intelligent Light Design for the room, and our Multi-Media Video Package including their Love Story Montage.

Thanks from me and Sound Connection Entertainment, to Michelle and Carl, and to all the cool people for dancing all night!  Hope to see at least a few of you at Carl’s Best Man’s wedding on New Year’s Eve!

Take a peek at just a few highlights, and comment away!


Tony Tee Neto