We can’t help but begin to “see” the event as soon as we talk with our Brides and Grooms.  It’s in our nature, and actually a tool of ours as Private Event Professionals.  Immediately, I knew this was going to be a “classic good time!”

Erica Kriegl and Mike Walton gathered a large group of their fun-loving family and friends at the Grand Colonial in Perryville, NJ.  Erica was probably one of the most laid back brides I’ve had the pleasure of working with in quite some time.  She agreed with any suggestions I threw at her, and it’s not because she didn’t care– it was because she had complete trust in her professional Event Host.

That’s a giant compliment right there.

The music program was the biggest clue to what type of event this would be: some party classics, some “silly stuff”, sprinkled with new music to keep everyone moving.  And that, they did!  That dance floor didn’t stop until the last note!

My setup for the event was elegant and streamlined: a clean sound system and just the right amount of professional Intelligent Light Design to give the room movement and breath.  You’ll see a lot of  it in this short event recap, and how Intelligent  Lighting impacts and enhances the mood of any room.

This was my first time back to the Grand Colonial in several years, and the experience was excellent from my viewpoint.  Dan the Maitre D’ was on top of everything.  Thanks to him and his staff for helping me execute a flawless event!  Personal thanks to this awesome couple and their families for having me and Sound Connection Entertainment host this great time!

Take a peek at just a few highlights, and comment away!


Tony Tee Neto