I first met with Katie & Ron back in October of 2010, and we instantly hit it off. Believe it or not, that’s one of the most important moments of our planning process, and the foundation for all my events: the chemistry between the Event Host and the Couple of Honor! They were both “open canvases” when it came to enhancements and vision for their event, so they were interested in hearing about everything I could show them.

Katie George and Ron Maruca celebrated their wedding reception at the beautiful Crystal Point Yacht Club. This excellent venue is located right on the banks of the Manasquan River in Pt Pleasant, NJ, and staffed with phenomenal private event professionals. I had the pleasure of working with Janine Mincieli, who runs a great event every time. As for enhancements from my end, we combined uplighting with Crystal Point’s downlighting to create an incredible atmosphere throughout the room. We also included Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting Design to bring the room to life!

Music program was so much fun, as Katie & Ron gave me just a few hints of what they liked, then let me at them! I incorporated a little something for everyone, and highlighted the Bride and Groom’s slightly-opposite favorites: today’s Dance and yesterday’s party Hip-Hop!  — OH, Yeah!

Personal thanks to these two beautiful people and their families for having me and Sound Connection Entertainment host this awesome event!

Take a peek at just a few highlights, and comment away!


Tony Tee Neto