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Everbody’s a “DJ” nowadays.
Me? I’m a full-time career entertainment professional lucky enough to do this for a living.

If you’re getting married and considering me to host your affair, thank you!  It’s an absolute honor to represent you on one of the biggest days of your life.”

You can take a look at Tee’s Bio here.  But here’s the short version:


Tony is an uncompromising pro with an attention to detail. He’s known for his voice and music mixing skills: from the clubs & bars over the years, to the present-day, once-in-a-lifetime wedding celebrations. He’s an integral part of SCE Event Group- a full-time professional Master of Ceremonies and DJ, and he brings experience and polish to every single event while remaining casual enough to make every guest want to let loose.


He’s also the Voice-Over Artist and Producer at his DropHouse voice-over studio, where he lends his voice and production skills to radio commercials, audio branding, and e-learning. Tee is also known as “the voice of Webster Hall,” the historic mega-club in New York City, having produced and voice their radio ads all throughout the 2000s!

Recent VLogs & Articles

“Vlogs” are how we can show you a peek into what an SCE / t2 event looks and feels like. Consider it a front row seat at someone else’s awesome celebration!  Take a peek below at the most recent Event Recap, and explore some more! You can access Tee’s Event Logs Vimeo page here.

You can also check out Blog article, including Event Recaps and some pretty helpful articles, on Tee’s Blog page.

Recent Mixshows

What’s Tee like when he’s not rocking a wedding dance floor? Check out t2 Blender, his mix show podcast formatted like a club’s dance floor. It’s mixed live and features non-stop House Music! A more extensive list of downloadable t2 Blender is here.

And you can get it on iTunes! Plus limited episodes are on Soundcloud below.